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- by Leung Wing Hin   Ho Ming Kit   So Ying Hong   Lee Wang  

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Investment Objective

After our research , we find out that trading and buy and sell frequently is not as effective and profitable as holding a well prospect and future alt coin. Because we cannot time and predict the market effectively and technical analysis is always lagging from the market. Therefore our bot will hold a well prospect alt coin that we find out that have good future instead of trading. Here is the google drive link as the Video URL field is auto capitalize all the URL which make it not working.

Model Creator

Leung Wing Hin

I am a computer science student, interested in machine trading.

Ho Ming Kit

I’m Ken, am enthusiastic about crypto trading and investing.

So Ying Hong

I am ovid, enthusiastic about all cryptocurrency issues.

Lee Wang

Hi I am Ryan, currently computer science student and interested in machine learning and big data.